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A new chapter

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Welcome to the new generation EJHP, now in its 19th volume, with our new partners, the BMJ Group. The EAHP board selected the BMJ Group to realise the high ambitions that the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists has with its Journal. To mention a few: to create a peer reviewed academic journal supported by educational and practical articles, to support the rich educational content with accredited e-learning modules, to improve the synergy with the other educational activities of EAHP such as the annual Congress and the European Academy of Hospital Pharmacy seminars and summits.

With this volume, the two previous journals, EJHP Practice and EJHP Science have been merged to create the new title European Journal of Hospital Pharmacy: Science and Practice. Each issue will therefore contain a mixture of peer reviewed scientific content and peer reviewed professional and practical content. It is hoped that EAHP members will continue to contribute with updates on research projects carried out by our members and other professionals in the pharmaceutical sciences. With the high quality …

Correspondence to Arnold G Vulto, Editor-in-Chief EJHP Practice & Science, Department of Hospital Pharmacy, Erasmus University Medical center, Rotterdam 3015 CE, The Netherlands; editor.ejhp{at}

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