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The pharmacist in retrospect

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“The pharmacist lost his profession when he could not feel the taste of his drug, not smell it, could not recognise its structure, could not extract and purify it, did not know how to formulate it, did not know how to store it and how to describe it. He has then searched the profession ever since. He has not found it”. Yngve Torud at the 1st EUFEPS Conference, 1993

This change might have happened in the mid-1950s. Is it that bad? The skills of the old pharmacist are lost with the generation now dying. This is really sad and there is also a strong need to keep the knowledge for coming generations to highlight the great …

Correspondence to Per Hartvig, Editor, EJHP Practice & Science, Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy, SUND, University of Copenhagen, Universitetsparke 2, Copenhagen 2100, Denmark; peh{at}

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