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General and Risk Management, Patient Safety (including: medication errors, quality control)
Implementation of a pharmaceutical care process in patients with anaemia and chronic kidney disease in treatment with erythropoiesis stimulating factors
  1. M. Noguerol Cal,
  2. B.C. López Virtanen,
  3. J.A. Valdueza Beneitez,
  4. B. De la Nogal Fernández,
  5. S. Vázquez Troche,
  6. M. Rodríguez María,
  7. M.T. Sanz Lafuente,
  8. M. Oliveira Solís,
  9. A.D. López Villar,
  10. P. Cuevas Martínez
  1. 1Hospital el Bierzo, Pharmacy Hospital, Ponferrada, Spain


Background The authors have implemented a process of pharmaceutical care in the pharmacy hospital in patients with anaemia and chronic kidney disease in predialysis patients in treatment with erythropoiesis stimulating factors (ESF), due to ongoing safety reviews and reports published in the last years.

Purpose Assessing the follow-up of the pharmacy care process.

GRP093 Table 1

GRP093 Table 2

Materials and methods The authors have put in place two transverse courts for 7 months in 2009 and 2010, including 100% of sensitive patients. The information was recorded in the Dispensation of Silicon (Grifols) Program. If haemoglobin (Hb) levels were maintained between 10 and 12 g/dl, treatment was considered to be effective.

Conclusions A decrease in the number of patients treated with ESF and the need of interventions was observed. Accepted interventions were fewer also, probably due to an increase in awareness when complying with the recommendations, motivated by the follow-up. It was showed that medical checks were not too close, involving an insufficient monitoring of clinical data and difficulty to establish the effectiveness of many treatments. This data will be reported to nephrology department in order to implement possible solutions.

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