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General and Risk Management, Patient Safety (including: medication errors, quality control)
Improved performance following the detection of errors in drug stocks
  1. C. Andrés González,
  2. A. Linares,
  3. E. Valverde Alcalá,
  4. A. Luna Higuera
  1. 1HRU Carlos Haya, Pharmacy, Malaga, Spain


Background In 2009 a checklist was introduced to identify deficiencies in management and control of drugs stocked in clinical units. The checklist consists of 10 items: ordering stock drugs, location, identification, storage, thermolabile drugs, photosensitive drugs, emergency trolley drugs, controlled drug regulations, other special drug control and amounts of drugs.

Purpose To analyse the results obtained after an improvement plan to ensure proper storage of drugs in clinical units

Materials and methods Three reviews in 3 consecutive years of 25 drug stocks in wards and operating rooms for adults. The action plan consisted of meetings with nursing staff to analyse the results and identify their needs. It was proposed that all the drug box orders would be made by active substance to avoid errors in the administration. A list was made of the drugs kept in the emergency trolley. The authors explained the controlled drug regulations to the staff and tables were designed showing the correct storage of photosensitive and thermolabile drugs.

Results Improvements were made in six critical points:

There had been an improvement in the quality and safety of drug stocks after the previous pharmacist review, however there were important aspects that needed to improve more.

Conclusions It was decided to draw up an integrated improvement plan with training individualised to the staff involved. A manual will be written that describes how the drug stocks function in clinical units and the powers and responsibilities of the staff in charge of them.

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