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Pharmacotherapy: Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics (including: ADE, TDM, DUE)
DVT prevention in surgical patients in Stip General Hospital 2010
  1. L. Mihailova,
  2. B. Lazarova
  1. 1Hospital pharmacy, Clinical Hospital, Stip FYROMHospital pharmacy, Nephrology hospital, FYROM (3)Hospital pharmacy


Background There is high incidence of DVT after major surgical intervention. Thromboprophylaxis get a critical component in this patient.

Purpose The aim of this study is to show LMWH are effective prophylactic agents for prevention of DVT in high-risk patients who underwent major surgical intervention.

Materials and methods 374 patients (168 male and 206 female, 16 –80 years old) undergoing major surgery. All of them had high risk of DVT. The interventions were made with general anaesthesia. Preoperative they were treated with LMWH ‘ENOXAPARIN’ 40 mg. sc, 12 h before the intervention, and postoperative with the same dose. The mean duration of prophylaxis was 7-10 days, depends of length of hospitalisation. The patients were monitored for the TP, APTT and PT.

Results 374 patients were hospitalised on the surgery department, 206 female and 168 male with a different diagnosis and high risk of DVT. Postoperative hospitalisation lasted 8 days. In this period the patients got ‘ENOXAPARIN’ 40 mg. sc once a day in the morning. Every third day the patients were monitored for TP, APTT and PT and the values were normal. Patient mobilisation was made first day after surgery. One female the third day after intervention died from pulmonary thromboembolism. Two of them got leg oedema, and one got leg redness. Only one male got allergic reaction.

Conclusion LMWH appears to be effective for prevention of DVT and safe in high-risk patients undergoing major surgical procedures. Laboratory monitoring is not needed for DVT prevention. Risk of side effects is minimal and LMWH are save of bleeding. LMWH may be useful in treatment of DVT in therapeutics aims.

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