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A contribution to reanimate the perishing hospital pharmacy preparation
  1. Helena Jenzer
  1. Correspondence to Professor Helena Jenzer, Hospital Pharmacist FPH; Bern University of Applied Sciences, Health Division, Murtenstrasse 10, CH-3008 Bern, Switzerland; helena.jenzer{at}


A debate (instead of seminar) on ‘Survival of hospital pharmacy preparations—standards for quality and safety, where to go?’ (17th European Association of Hospital Pharmacists Congress 2012, Milan) was the first of its kind, wanting primarily to contribute to an unimpeded compounding and manufacturing process in hospital pharmacies and secondarily to bridge gaps between pharmacy and industry preparation. Approving the aim of the resolution (CM/ResAP (2011)1), that is, harmonising quality of hospital pharmacy preparations, meant agreement on an ethical values level. However, the positions of the three presenters were far removed from each other on a factual level, although different statements could be elucidated and some promising approaches highlighted.

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