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GRP-033 Benzodiazepine Drug Abuse Among Intravenous Drug Users
  1. I Bacovich1,
  2. J Delás2,
  3. N El Hilali3,
  4. I Javier3,
  5. M Aguas3,
  6. V González1,
  7. R Kistmacher1,
  8. O Díaz1,
  9. L Andreo1,
  10. J Camí1
  1. 1SAPS, Creu Roja, Barcelona, Spain
  2. 2HOSPITAL SAGRAT COR, Internal Medicine, Barcelona, Spain
  3. 3HOSPITAL SAGRAT COR, Pharmacy, Barcelona, Spain


Background Benzodiazepine drug abuse is frequent in the general population. The reasons for this could be very diverse.

Purpose To review the role of benzodiazepine in intravenous drug users.

To find out which benzodiazepines are most used in this group and sought after on the black market.

Materials and Methods We interviewed five intravenous drug users of heroin or cocaine in Barcelona about their associated use of benzodiazepine. They were trained to interview other intravenous drug users with the same questionnaire that they had answered. All of them had looked for benzodiazepines on the illegal market at least once.

Results The analysis of the first 25 questionnaires answered showed that the most used benzodiazepine was clonazepam, used by 72% and the drugs used differed in half life and effects.

Conclusions Benzodiazepines selected by this sample of patients did not meet criteria for half-life or the main indications. They may simply be a reflection of which benzodiazepines are most prescribed nowadays by psychiatrists in the community.

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