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OHP-008 Analysis of Costs and Consumption of Medical Devices For Extracorporeal Photochemotherapy in Sienaís University Hospital (AOUS)
  1. F Fiori,
  2. C Laudisio,
  3. E Cesqui,
  4. D Paoletti,
  5. D Iozzi,
  6. C Castellani,
  7. G Gallucci,
  8. G Sasso,
  9. MT Bianco,
  10. A Catocci
  1. Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria Senese, Pharmacy, Siena, Italy


Background Extra-corporeal photochemotherapy (ECP) is a procedure that exposes mononuclear blood cells, obtained through centrifugation, to ultraviolet irradiation, in the presence of the DNA binding agents such as 8-methoxypsoralen (8-MOP). Two methods can be used:

  • ON-LINE, which consist of irradiation of cells through extracorporeal circulation (the only method used in AOUS until 2011).

  • OFF-LINE, which consist of leukapheresis of concentrated lymphomonocytotic cells, irradiation and subsequent reinfusion (this method was introduced in AOUS in 2012).

Purpose The objective of this study was to analyse the costs and consumption data of the Medical Device (MD) necessary for ECP in the period 2007–2011, and make a prediction of costs and consumptions in the light of the introduction of the new method.

Materials and Methods We analysed the costs and consumption data of the MD used in ECP in AOUS, extrapolating from the hospital’s computer database. Then an estimate of consumption and costs over the period was calculated. The literature and technical specifications of the MD were also consulted to find for what purposes ECP is indicated.

Results ECP is mainly used for T-cell-mediated diseases such as organ transplant rejection, systemic sclerosis, bullous pemphigus, acute and chronic graft-versus-host-disease (GvHD).The period considered to have the highest consumption was in 2008, with 956 kits consumed (at a cost of €756,099.96) and 5 UV lamps (€7,987.50). In subsequent years, there was a progressive decrease in materials consumed. The average consumption was 867 kits/year, with cost/year of €767,178.82. The cost of an off-line ECP kit is €300.99 and a leukapheresis kit is €169.4. The estimated annual cost of the product if using the off-line method would be €409,922.21, versus €914,080.83 using the on-line method.

Conclusions By using the off-line method and the prices of the new contract, AOUS would save 55% compared to the current cost of the on-line method, equal to €504,158.62. A further savings factor is the fact that the lamps for the ECP with the new contract are provided free of charge. This will allow better reallocation of financial resources.

No conflict of interest.

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