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OHP-023 Differences in Training Required For Hospital Pharmacy Practise in France and Quebec
  1. A Guérin,
  2. D Merger,
  3. E Courbon,
  4. ME Métras,
  5. D Lebel,
  6. JF Bussières
  1. 1CHU Sainte- Justine, Pharmacy, Montreal, Canada


Background During a one-year internship in a Quebec teaching hospital, a group of French pharmacy interns explored the similarities and differences in training.

Purpose To compare the training required for hospital pharmacy practise in France and in Quebec.

Materials and Methods This is a descriptive comparative study. A list of relevant themes was established by consensus after a review of key websites and literature. A panel of three French interns, a Quebec hospital pharmacy resident and two teaching hospital pharmacists was assembled. Similarities and differences for each theme were identified and discussed.

Results Twenty-seven themes were selected with seven similarities and twenty differences between France and Quebec. In both countries, post-graduate training included a selection process, a structured programme with pre-identified topics, lectures and experiential courses. While post-graduate training is perceived as a plus-value, it is not mandatory. Amongst the differences identified, the two post-graduate systems have been offered for a different period of time (1815-France vs. 1961-Quebec), French interns are not working as pharmacists while Quebec residents are, French internship lasts 4 years vs. 16 months in Quebec, French annual scholar fees are lower (500 euros/year vs. 3840 euros/18 months in Quebec), both programmes offers two paths (hospital/industry in France; hospital/community pharmacy in Quebec), French internship locations includes healthcare agencies, laboratories, research units, hospitals while Quebec residency focuses on patient care locations in hospitals/retail pharmacy and admission capacity differs. Other differences were identified in geographic mobility, resident status, obligations and responsibilities, modalities of supervision, compensation, on-call shifts and evaluation.

Conclusions There are significant differences between French and Quebec post-graduate training although both require work in hospital settings. A better understanding of these similarities and differences may contribute to reciprocal improvement of these programmes and favour exchanges between the two countries.

No conflict of interest.

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