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OHP-049 Improving Compliance Aid Dispensing For Patients Discharged from North Bristol NHS Trust (NBT) by Using a 3Rd Party Dispensing Partnership
  1. J Smith,
  2. CE Church
  1. North Bristol NHS Trust, Pharmacy, Bristol, UK


Background North Bristol NHS Trust (NBT) is a large teaching hospital split over two main sites. Despite NBT Pharmacy implementing an assessment tool to minimise inappropriate use of compliance aids, demand still doubled in 5 years to over 200 a month exceeding capacity and causing:

  • Delayed discharges

  • Inappropriate discharges

  • Non-compliance

  • Re-admissions

  • Complaints

Purpose To improve the provision of compliance aids in accordance with the objectives of the Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention (QIPP) programme by:

  • Managing the increasing workload

  • Reducing discharge waiting times

  • Reducing length of stay

  • Supporting patients managing medicines at home

Materials and Methods A phased and innovative solution of outsourcing work to a commercial community partner without significant upfront funding was devised. Initially a ‘Small Tests of Change’ pilot project was launched with a community pharmacy (Lloydspharmacy) to trial the provision of a dispensing service against a service level agreement. After proving the concept and refining the process this was expanded into an independently managed central facility (provided by Lloydspharmacy and the wholesaler AAH Pharmaceuticals) known as the ‘The Hub’ which serves NBT’s multiple sites.

Results This innovative approach has enabled NBT Pharmacy in accordance with QIPP objectives to improve the quality of service and manage a doubling in workload within existing budgetary constraints. The Hub now supports 90% of NBT’s compliance aid dispensing and the average turnaround time has reduced from more than 48 hours to 24 hours (see Table)

Conclusions NBT Pharmacy has developed an innovative and mutually beneficial partnership between an acute NHS Trust and a commercial service provider resulting in the success ful management of increasing demand for compliance aids on discharge.

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