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OHP-079 Tumor Necrosis Factor Blockers in Rheumatology; Conventional Versus Off-Label Drug Dosage
  1. MA Aranguren Redondo1,
  2. G Lopez Arzoz1,
  3. MB Irastorza Larburu1,
  4. G Liceaga Cundin1,
  5. O Maiz Alonso2,
  6. I Aguirre Zubia1,
  7. J Belzunegui Otaño2,
  8. MP Bachiller Cacho1,
  9. MI Fernandez Gonzalez1,
  10. O Valbuena Pascual1
  1. 1Donostia University Hospital, Pharmacy, San Sebastián, Spain
  2. 2Donostia University Hospital, Rheumatology, San Sebastián, Spain

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