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CPC-026 Benefits of Including the Clinical Pharmacist as a Member of the Health Team in the Neurological Clinic
  1. O Prodanovic1,
  2. M Jovanovic-Djuraskovic2,
  3. J Karadzic3
  1. 1Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices of Montenegro, Clinical Trials Department, Podgorica, Montenegro
  2. 2Faculty of Pharmacy Podgorica, Cosmetology, Podgorica, Montenegro
  3. 3Glosarij, Assistent, Podgorica, Montenegro


Background Hospital pharmacists are necessary members of the health team in neurological clinics, to implement rational treatment. Hospital pharmacists are qualified by their knowledge of modern organic approaches to the pharmacotherapy of neurological disorders.

In neurological patients, medicines regimens are frequently very complex; specialised calendars or dosing tables and verbal counselling, could be of great benefit to patients. Recording the pharmacotherapeutic history, the efficiency of direct neurological exam inations, evaluation of treatment, counselling and provision of drug pharmacokinetic consultations, are the tasks of hospital pharmacists.

Purpose To survey neurological patients on the current method of providing health care.

Materials and Methods Patients were given a questionnaire. They stated that health professionals often objectively do not have enough time for detailed conversations, either in hospital or in pharmacies.

Results The results indicated that an additional member of the health care team is needed, who would be involved in monitoring treatments targeted on the disease, drug interactions, as well as educating patients about medicines. The most revealing answers were:

  1. Would the inclusion of a hospital pharmacist in charge of the neurological disorders improve your treatment? 12% DO NOT KNOW, 14% NO, 64% YES.

  2. Are you in compliance with treatment? 17% YES, 27% DO NOT KNOW, 66% NO.

  3. Do you think that you needed more information about the disease and the treatment received? 71% YES, 12% DO NOT KNOW, 17% NOT.

Conclusions This study aimed to draw attention to new needs in the health system of Montenegro as the health systems develop. The importance of hospital pharmacists has already been identified, and we anticipate that this and future studies on this topic improve health care in this region.

No conflict of interest.

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