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CPC-028 Centralized Therapy Review: Development and Validation of a Screening Tool to Detect Potential Interventions
  1. P Declercq,
  2. AS Robeyns,
  3. L Van der Linden,
  4. L Willems,
  5. I Spriet
  1. University Hospitals Leuven, Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences, Leuven, Belgium


Background The Centralized Therapy Review study (CenTRe study), a prospective observational study carried out in the pharmacy dpt. from University Hospitals Leuven in 2011[1], showed that for almost 1 in 4 prescriptions potential interventions containing treatment corrections or pharmacotherapeutic advice could be made by the dispensing pharmacist.

Based on these findings, the development and validation of a standardised screening tool to retrieve potential interventions during drug dispensing is the obligatory second step in the implementation of Centralized Therapy Review in routine daily practise.

Purpose To develop and validate the CenTRe 2 list, a standardised screening tool, used at the level of drug distribution, to review prescriptions and retrieve potential interventions in a standardised way.

Materials and Methods The CenTRe 2 list was developed by consensus by a team of ten clinical pharmacists, the CenTRe group. It is mainly based upon findings from the CenTRe study, supplemented with evidence from the literature [2–22].

Content was validated using the content validity index method [23–25] by a panel of experts (4 clinicians specialising in pharmacology, intensive care and geriatrics and 8 pharmacists who were not member of the CenTRe group).

Inter-rater reliability was calculated using Cohen’s kappa statistic [26]. A case format was used: all potential interventions retrieved by 12 pharmacists, which screened 20 treatment regimens using the CenTRe2 list, were compared with a gold standard.

Results The CenTRe 2 list retained 8 topics as valid (I-CVI κ*³0.75 and S-CVI/ave = 0.95) and passing the inter-rater reliability test (κaverage = 0.92 and 0.73; κmedian = 0.93 and 0.72).

Conclusions The CenTRe 2 tool is a valid and reliable tool for screening treatment regimens for potential interventions in a standardised way. A prospective observational study, using the CenTRe 2 tool, has been conducted to establish its utility in optimising patient treatment.

No conflict of interest.

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