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CPC-080 Management of Postoperative Pain at Mohammed V Military Teaching Hospital, Rabat, Morocco
  1. W Enneffah1,
  2. I Zakariya1,
  3. MA El Wartiti1,
  4. II Fabrice2,
  5. N Cherkaoui3,
  6. A Bennana1
  1. 1Mohammed V Military Teaching Hospital – Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacy – Therapeutic Chemistry, Rabat, Morocco
  2. 2Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy – Mohammed V University, Souissi, Rabat, Morocco
  3. 3Mohammed V Military Teaching Hospital – Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, Pharmacy – Galenic Pharmacy, Rabat, Morocco


Background Management of postoperative pain is a subject of interest as we believe that pain is still inadequately relieved in this population.

Purpose To describe methods of postoperative pain management in anaesthesia-resuscitation and surgery services of Mohammed V Military Teaching Hospital in Rabat.

Materials and Methods A questionnaire was distributed to our hospital anaesthesia-resuscitation doctors and surgeons. The questionnaire was designed to explore the evaluation, treatment and provision of postoperative pain prevention.

Results 27 answers (78%) were obtained. 9 services stated that this was making them aware of the problem of postoperative pain management. 81.5% of the professionals didn’t have a written protocol. Postoperative pain was only evaluated in 32% of the patients. Among the methods used for postoperative pain measurement in post-surgical care units, simple verbal scales were the most used by professionals (29.6%), followed by an analogue visual scale (25.9%). Paracetamol was the drug most used in pain treatment.

Conclusions Although our investigation generated fairly satisfactory results, our hospital professionals must give greater importance to postoperative pain management in order to improve their patients’ pain relief.

No conflict of interest.

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