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DGI-008 Analysis of the Use of Carboxymaltose Iron in a University Hospital
  1. B Escudero-Vilaplana,
  2. C Folguera-Olias,
  3. A Díaz-Alcántara,
  4. V Saavedra-Quirós,
  5. A Martín-Alonso,
  6. A Torralba-Arranz
  1. Hospital Universitario Puerta de Hierro, Pharmacy, Madrid, Spain


Background Recently the use of IV carboxymaltose iron at doses of 500–1000 mg has increased in our hospital, even though it is not included in the formulary and it should be only used to avoid blood transfusions.

Purpose To evaluate the use of carboxymaltose iron in a university hospital.

Materials and Methods A longitudinal, descriptive study was carried out in patients treated with iron carboxymaltose from January 2011 to June 2012 in a university hospital. Data was collected from special orders of non-formulary drugs. Variables recorded: sex, age, prescribing service, indication, haemoglobin (Hb) prior to and after the administration of iron, dose of iron and number of administrations in each patient. Safety was also considered by analysing any adverse effects (AEs) reported to the Pharmacy Department.

Results 85 patients were included (60.0% female; median age 50.1 [SD:19.2]). Prescribing services were: Gynaecology and Obstetrics (30.6%), Haematology (29.4%), Nephrology (17.6%), Digestive (12.9%) and others (9.5%). Main indications were: anaemia secondary to chronic kidney disease (CKD) (20.0%), postpartum anaemia (17.6%), undetermined anaemia (14.1%), iron deficiency anaemia (12.9%), gastrointestinal bleeding (8.2%), post-surgical anaemia (8.2%), pre-surgical anaemia (5.9%), others (10.7%) and unspecified indication (2.4%). Mean Hb prior to the iron administration was 9.5 (SD = 2.0) g/dl and 11.5 (SD = 1.7) g/dl after the treatment. Mean dose of carboxymaltose iron used was 754 mg (SD = 251) mg. 71.8% patients received a single iron dose during the study period, 14.1% received two administrations, 5.9% received three administrations and 8.3% received four or more administrations. No AEs associated with the drug were reported to the Pharmacy Department.

Conclusions The main uses of carboxymaltose iron were anaemia secondary to CKD and postpartum anaemia. A third of the prescriptions corresponded to surgical patients. However, 16.5% orders specified neither the indication nor the type of anaemia. Our data has shown effectiveness and safety in the use of carboxymaltose iron.

No conflict of interest.

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