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European Parliament Committee approves €3 billion public-private partnership with industry on new medicine development
  1. Richard Price
  1. Correspondence to Richard Price, Department of Policy and Advocacy, European Association of Hospital Pharmacy, 3 Rue Abbe Cuypers, Brussels, Brussels 1040, Belgium; richard.price{at}

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The Industry and Research Committee of the European Parliament has approved the second package of the Innovative Medicines Initiative.

The second package of the Innovative Medicines Initiative is a Joint Technology Initiative between the European Union (EU) and the pharmaceutical industry association EFPIA worth €3billion and aims to deliver:

  • a 30% better success rate in clinical trials of priority medicines identified by the WHO;

  • clinical proof of concept in immunological, respiratory, neurological and neurodegenerative diseases in just 5 years;

  • new and approved diagnostic markers for four of these diseases and at least two new medicines which could either be new antibiotics or new therapies for Alzheimer's disease.

The European Commission launches a joint action on chronic diseases and multimorbidity

The European Commission has brought together 38 organisations from 22 EU member states, Norway and Iceland with the purpose of collecting, validating, scaling up and transferring good practices to address chronic diseases, multimorbidity and diabetes.

The third work package of the joint action focuses on ‘the development of common guidance and methodologies for care pathways for patients with multimorbidity’. The focus of this work package will be on outcome measures—interventions to promote the provision of high quality care that meets the needs of people with multimorbidity.

The Commission believes that past actions on this issue have largely focused on analysis of the impact of multimorbidity on individuals (and healthcare systems), with very few initiatives examining which interventions have helped improve outcomes.

It is expected that the work package will provide a comprehensive review of existing work on care pathway interventions addressing patients with multimorbidity across EU—based on clinical evidence. It will generate a thorough repository of good practices and clinical data on the effectiveness of care interventions tackling chronic multimorbidity conditions, including polypharmacy.

The action is being led by Juan E Riese of the Institute of Health Carlos III in Madrid, Spain.

Health professions debate new EU alert mechanisms for individuals under investigation

Following the …

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