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DI-103 A tool for sharing knowledge - The Hospital Pharmacies Information Databases regarding medicines
  1. S Ulsø,
  2. HB Armandi
  1. The Capital Region of Denmark Hospital Pharmacy, Medicines Information Center, Copenhagen NV, Denmark


Background The Hospital Pharmacies in the five regions of Denmark use the same information databases; it is possible to share information with all users. The Hospital Pharmacies Information Databases (HPID) contain questions about medicines asked by hospital healthcare professionals and associated answers, given by the Hospital pharmacy staff. HPID is thus used not only for recording purposes, but also for information retrieval. Whenever the hospital pharmacy staff receives a question regarding medicines, HPID are consulted and if a problem has been solved previously, it saves time and resources.

Purpose To show how knowledge about medicines is shared across Hospital Pharmacies in Denmark, thereby saving time and resources not only within each Hospital Pharmacy, but also across the whole country.

Materials and methods The number of answers given, as well as the database activity in each hospital pharmacy and region, were drawn from the databases. Database activity means the number of consultations of the databases as well as recording of questions/answers.

Results A total of 806 answers, distributed among 10 hospital pharmacies in 5 regions, were given during 2012 and were shared with all users. In the same period there were a total of 86414 activities distributed among the same number of hospitals and regions. The answers/activities where distributed among the five regions (R) as follows: R1: 698/52927, R2: 4/4505, R3: 1/6434, R4: 98/18107 and R5: 9/4441. The poster will present updated data based on the latest year.

Conclusions Two out of 5 regions are giving first hand answers (796/806), the other 3 seem only to consult the databases, not to populate it. Despite this limitation of the study, it seems that all hospital pharmacies are benefitting from the knowledge within the HPID.

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