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GM-005 Cost and use analysis of adding pre-filled adrenaline syringes to the CPR medical kits
  1. C Bustos Morell,
  2. A Sanchez Sanhez,
  3. J Mateos Rubio,
  4. N Labrador Andujar,
  5. A Fernandez-Corada Sanchez,
  6. P Moya Gomez
  1. Hosptial Virgen de la Salud, Pharmacy, Toledo, Spain


Background As a part of our cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) protocol, the pharmacy service manages the medical kits, responsible for the range of drugs stocked, location and exchange of the kits. The CPR kit (CPRK) contained 15 adrenaline vials (AV) (1 mg/ml). In 2012, the CPR committee applied for the inclusion of pre-filled adrenaline syringes (PAS). They are considered safer and arguably more quickly administered. Since then, the kits have included 3 PAS and 12 AV. The PAS cost 2.48 € vs. AV 0.22 € and consequently it cost 148.88 € to stock all the kits (there are 63 CPRK).

Purpose To analyse the costs and use of PAS compared to AV.

Materials and methods All the CPRK were prepared in the pharmacy service between January and March of 2011 and in 2013 it was reviewed.

Results In the year 2011, 63 CPRK were exchanged, the reasons for exchange were: use (42.86%), expiry (38.09%) and other (12.07%). AV were replaced in 59.26% of the used kits (69 vials, cost 15.18 €).

On the other hand, in the year 2013 after the inclusion, 32 CPRK were exchanged (37.50% due to use, 62.50% expiry, 0% other). Adrenaline was used in 50% of the kits -3 PAS and 40 VA.

Conclusions Similar percentages of adrenaline use were obtained in these years; however in terms of number of units of adrenaline we can see a decrease. Just three PAS were used after its inclusion.

Apparently, despite PAS being safer and easier to use, it is not yet included in nursing practice during CPR. In the light of these results, we should either remove PAS due to the high costs or try promote its use.

No conflict of interest.

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