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GM-018 Survey to assess outpatient satisfaction as a quality measure tool in a Hospital Pharmacy
  1. C Rosado,
  2. C Fierro,
  3. F Cossio,
  4. A Rodriguez,
  5. MA Candas,
  6. C Varela,
  7. G Miranda,
  8. AI Plano,
  9. C Martínez-Múgica,
  10. L Gomez de Segura
  1. Hospital Universitario Central de Asturias, Pharmacy Service, Oviedo, Spain


Background Patients’ satisfaction reflects the quality of service provided by healthcare professionals. A survey was conducted to assess the degree of patient satisfaction with the attention received in a hospital pharmacy and to identify points for improvement.

Purpose To validate a questionnaire in order to assess patient satisfaction with pharmaceutical care received in the Outpatients Area in a tertiary Hospital Pharmacy.

Materials and methods The survey was performed within May 2013 and it was offered to all patients served in two different areas of the pharmacy (laboratory and outpatients).

The questionnaire consisted of two parts. The first included 7 questions related to patient counselling, organisation and professional relationship with the pharmacist and one question about global satisfaction. They was measured by an analogue scale (0–5 acceptable, 6–7 satisfactory, 8–9 very satisfactory and 10 excellent).

The second part contained 13 questions related to managing treatment, drug information, confidentiality and adherence.

Results 397 questionnaires were successfully completed: 58% patients collected their own medicines and 34% authorised relatives to do so. Most of them assessed global attention as excellent (52.4%), very satisfactory (30%), satisfactory (7.3%) and acceptable (2.3%).

Regarding organisation, 66.6% of people served were informed about their medicines. In relation to this information, 75% knew what the treatment was for. 66.7% of them declared they were adherent and 9% had sometimes forgotten to take it.

75.3% of people considered they were treated with confidentiality and 1.2% disagreed.

54% of patients had attended the Pharmacy for more than one year. 34% had received written information at the beginning.

Conclusions The survey developed is a reliable and valid instrument for assessing patient satisfaction.

It shows a high rate of satisfaction with pharmaceutical attention received.

Written information was established recently.

No conflict of interest.

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