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PP-005 Results of treatment of corneal epithelial defects by the application of Plasma Rich in Growth Factors eye drops
  1. G Carmona
  1. FISABIO Oftalmología Médica, Spain


Background Plasma Rich in Growth Factors (PRGF) preparations are being increasingly used as a source of growth factors in bone reconstruction, implant consolidation in dentistry and more recently in eye diseases.

Purpose Retrospective study of the use of PRGF eye drops in corneal eye diseases.

Materials and methods The study period was 1 year (from March 2012 to February 2013). It was performed in an Ophthalmology Hospital. Medical histories of patients who had been treated with PRGF eye drops were reviewed. The following items were collected: demographic data, indication, dose, treatment duration, adverse reactions and clinical response (which was measured as improvement in symptoms and decrease in size of corneal lesions). PRGF eye drops were prepared under sterile conditions at a concentration of 50% in accordance with the literature. Data were analysed by SPSS v19. Statistics values were expressed as median, minimum and maximum data.

Results 11 patients were treated (27% male), the median age was 52 years (range 36 to 77). 6 Patients suffered from dry eye with keratitis and corneal ulcer, 3 patients suffered from Sjögren’s Syndrome and 2 patients suffered from keratitis due to previous corneal transplant. In the group of patients with dry eye the median age was 51 years (range 36 to 77). The mean treatment duration was 3 months and all the patients showed improvement and healing of the corneal ulcer. In the group with Sjögren’s Syndrome the median age was 60 years (range 60 to 74). One patient did not tolerate the eye drops and no improvement was observed after 1 month of treatment, in the rest of patients the mean treatment duration was 6 months. Their symptoms improved and the keratitis disappeared. In the group of patients with previous corneal transplant the median age was 37.5 years (range 36 to 39 years). The mean treatment duration was 3.5 months; all the keratitis improved and disappeared. The dose was one drop/6 h and only in one patient with dry eye was the dose 1 drop/4 h.

Conclusions PRGF eye drops are a 100% autologous platelet product. The preparation is easy and they have an optimal concentration of growth factors which makes them highly effective in eye diseases with persistent epithelial defects requiring rapid corneal repair. Only one patient did not tolerate the preparation and showed no improvement. The other patients’ signs and symptoms obviously improved. Treatment took a long time (3 to 6 months). Future studies will help to determine whether non-responders to conventional treatment of dry eye-related chronic eye diseases with require continuous or intermittent treatment with topical PRGF eye drops.

No conflict of interest.

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