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PP-036 Selection process for the procurement of an automated robot for cytotoxic compounds
  1. TK Wrønding1,
  2. C Oby1,
  3. CB Thiesen2
  1. 1Region Hovedstadens Apotek, KFS Serviceproduktionen, Copenhagen, Denmark
  2. 2Amgros, Safe, Copenhagen, Denmark


Background In 2012 it was decided to invest in a robot to reconstitute cytotoxic compounds. The remit of the investment was to ensure a reliable and cost-effective delivery of chemotherapeutic drugs, ensure an even higher quality level and improve the working environment of the employees.

Purpose To ensure that the original intention of the investment will be achieved at the end of the project by means of a thorough selection process.

Materials and methods The main emphasis was put into thorough preparatory work before the tender. A User Requirements Specification, URS, containing 234 requirements for the robot was prepared. Emphasis was placed on GMP compliance, output stability and a high level of service from the supplier.

The requirements were categorised into A- and B-requirements. A-requirements had to be met by the supplier. Fulfilment of the B-requirements was desirable but not a demand.

The answers to all of the 234 requirements were scored in a summary table and weighted in relation to the A and B requirements: Completely fulfilled, partly fulfilled and not fulfilled.

Results Due to the highly specialised nature of the project only two quotations were received. The number of requirements fulfilled were 228 for vendor no. 1, one B-requirement was not fulfilled and five A-requirements were partly fulfilled. For vendor no. 2, 203 requirements where fulfilled, nine A–requirements where not fulfilled, seven A-requirements where partly fulfilled and 15 B-requirements were partly or not fulfilled. A quality audit showed that vendor no. 1 had an acceptable level of MP. Two reference sites where also visited with a positive outcome.

After reviewing the tenders and execution of audits, our choice fell on the APOTECA chemo robot.

Conclusions Due to the detailed URS and tender process the project had a successful outcome. With the detailed preparation the robot was delivered and made operational on time and within budget.

No conflict of interest.

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