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PS-033 Level of satisfaction of specialists and nurses with the programme of medication reconciliation at hospital admission
  1. L González-García,
  2. S Belda-Rustarazo,
  3. S Ruiz-Fuentes,
  4. C Medarde-Caballero,
  5. C Fernández-López,
  6. C Gómez-Peña,
  7. C García-Fernández,
  8. D Blanquez-Martínez,
  9. A Caballero-Romero,
  10. V Molina-García
  1. Hospital Universitario San Cecilio, Pharmacy, Granada, Spain


Background Hospitals are putting in place more systems to improve the use of medicines. Since 2010, the Pharmacy Service has regularly been using a Medicines Reconciliation (MR) System at admission to the General Surgery, Urology and Orthopaedic Surgery wards.

Purpose To assess the level of satisfaction of specialist and nurses with the MR System at hospital admission.

Materials and methods An anonymous satisfaction survey with four questions was designed with the intention of identifying the subjects’ opinion about the following: the daily presence of the pharmacist on the ward; the extent to which MR may improve patients’ safety and clinical condition. Finally, the subjects were asked to evaluate the MR system as a whole. We used a Likert scale from 1 = full disagreement to 5 = full agreement.

The head of each Service and the nurse supervisor were informed about the aims of the survey, and later on the services themselves were in charge of handing out the survey to their staff from March to May 2012.

Results 100 surveys were filled in. 68.5% of specialists and 60% of nurses participated in this project. 92.3% of nurses fully agreed with the daily presence of the pharmacist in the ward, whereas only 52.5% of specialists did. Regarding the patients’ clinical condition the survey showed that 50% of specialists and 92.3% of nurses fully agreed with the positive effect of MR. 71.8% of nurses and 62.3% of specialists fully agreed that the patient’s safety improved due to MR. The overall assessment concluded that 40% of specialists gave the system full marks (5 out of 5); 15.4% of nurses were in agreement and 84.6% in full agreement.

Conclusions In general, a high degree of satisfaction with MR was detected in the Surgery Services, more particularly among nurses.

No conflict of interest.

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