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OHP-001 Medicines shortages in MOH hospitals in Jordan: problems & solutions
  1. Q Alefan,
  2. K Tashman,
  3. T Mukattash,
  4. S Azzam
  1. Jordan University of Science & Technology, Clinical Pharmacy, Irbid, Jordan


Background Jordan is an upper middle-income country with a per-capita GNI of US$ 4,340 and is located in the Middle East. Drug shortages are a persisting matter and are considered a global problem. Medicines shortage is defined as a supply issue that affects how the pharmacy department prepares or dispenses a product or affects patient care when prescribers must choose an alternative treatment because of supply problems.

Purpose To determine the magnitude of the medicines shortage problem in Jordan and to assess its impact on patient outcomes and on health care practice.

Materials and methods A validated questionnaire was administered to physicians and pharmacists in MOH main hospitals in all twelve Jordanian governorates and main MOH drug stores. Data were collected in July & August 2013.

Results A total of 357 respondents completed the survey, yielding a response rate of 66.4%. About 54% of respondents had had trouble locating medicines during their last week of practice and 56% during the last six months. Pharmacists spent more time dealing with drug shortages than did physicians. More than 70% of respondents were not satisfied with the resources available for notification of about a shortage in certain drugs. Their responses also showed that patient outcomes and providers’ practice were being affected by the shortage of medicines.

Conclusions A survey of hospital doctors and pharmacists revealed that the time required to manage drug shortages is noteworthy and that the impact of medicines shortages on their practice and patients’ health outcomes is real and significant.

No conflict of interest.

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