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OHP-030 Telematics pharmaceutical care of short bowel syndrome outpatients
  1. J Morales-Molina,
  2. JE Martínez-de la Plata,
  3. A Fayet-Pérez,
  4. O Urquízar-Rodríguez,
  5. A Martos-Rosa,
  6. JM Fernández-Martín
  1. Hospital de Poniente, Pharmacy Department, El Ejido (Almería), Spain


Background Short Bowel Syndrome (SBS) requires comprehensive nutritional control. Today’s personal media available to healthcare systems do not allow daily monitoring of SBS patients. New technologies should be incorporated into Pharmaceutical Care and specifically in nutritional support.

Purpose To monitor SBS outpatients daily using new technologies. To check the health impact and directly assess the professional care obtained by the patient.

Materials and methods Prospective study in a tertiary hospital during the period January to May 2013. Patients with SBS were selected who had got support from the Pharmacy Department at admission. Of the patients who received nutritional support two agreed to continue receiving support using new technologies. They were seen in consultation at hospital discharge and after 1, 3, 6 and 12 months. Blood tests were performed on each one, reviewing them with the patient by phone or email if any treatment was necessary and by Whatsapp if the blood tests were completely normal.

Results During this period, nutritional and metabolic parameters (albumin, pre-albumin, GOP, GPT, etc.) tended to normalise. No readmissions during the study. No alterations in nutritional stress during the study. Throughout the process with regard to nutritional and pharmacological recommendations, the two patients received nutritional supplements with vitamin B12, folic acid, iron, calcium, vitamin D, potassium and magnesium. Rating of service by patients: excellent and necessary. Recommendation by the patients: 100% Yes.

Conclusions Hospital Pharmacy in a highly specialised profession. Likewise nutritional support is an area where hospital pharmacists necessarily complement the clinical team. The union of Hospital Pharmacy and Nutritional Support as reported benefits patients.

No conflict of interest.

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