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OHP-033 Satisfaction survey of patients with interferon beta 1-a device
  1. A Martín Siguero,
  2. V Áreas del Águila,
  3. BM Muñoz Cejudo,
  4. C Blázquez Romero,
  5. MT Franco Sereno,
  6. AI Fernández Marchante,
  7. MM Alañón Pardo,
  8. C Encinas Barrios
  1. Hospital General Universitario de Ciudad Real, Pharmacy, Ciudad Real, Spain


Background Satisfaction surveys are an important tool for ascertaining patient opinions.

Purpose To evaluate the degree of satisfaction with interferon beta-1a pre-filled pens and patient preferences.

Materials and methods We conducted a survey of patients who were treated with interferon beta-1a after the change from syringe to pre-filled pen. The survey, conducted by the pharmacist after the second device had been dispensed in the Outpatient department, picked up the following aspects: a) self-administration (yes or no), b) ease of use (preparation and injection), rated from 0 (more difficult) to 10 (easier), c) adverse effects (pain, hematoma, induration, redness and swelling and flu-like symptoms), d) preference for syringe or pre-filled pen and reason, e) overall satisfaction, rated from 0 (lowest) to 10 (highest). The assessment of pain at the injection site was measured by a visual analogue scale (VAS).

Results All patients (44) completed the survey. 84% self-administered with the pen. The average score received both for ease of preparation and injection was 9.

9% did not like the pen because they had difficulty with device preparation and 2.3% because the safety lock release had failed. Adverse effects experienced: hematoma (13.6%), induration (13.6%), redness and swelling (6.8%) and flu-like symptoms (6.8%). Pain at the injection site obtained an average of 2.14. 88.7% preferred the pen, the main reason was ease of injection (56.4%) and other reasons were: the need to spend less time (25.7%), ease of preparation (7.7%), reduced pain (5.1%) and less anxiety due to the injection (5.1%). The overall patient satisfaction was 8.7.

Conclusions The degree of satisfaction was high; some patients did prefer the syringe but weren’t given the option of continuing to use it.

The majority preferred the pre-filled pen because of the ease of use. They agreed with the goal of changing the presentation in the Pharmacy Service.

The change did not cause an increase in the perception of adverse reactions associated with the device.

No conflict of interest.

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