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CP-051 Establishment of a Clinical Pharmacy department at the University Medical Centre, Ljubljana
  1. M Dobravc Verbic1,
  2. A Cufar1,
  3. J Taylor2
  1. 1University Medical Centre Ljubljana, Pharmacy, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  2. 2University College London, Department of Practice and Policy, London, UK


Background Certain clinical pharmacy services had already been introduced at the University Medical Centre, Ljubljana (UMCL) in 2010. However, roles and responsibilities of clinical pharmacists had been unclear and not used to their full potential. Therefore, reorganisation of the clinical pharmacy work was needed, and the implementation process has started.

Purpose To make a realistic financial and feasibility assessment of establishing a Clinical Pharmacy department (CPD) and to implement possible changes.

Materials and methods Based on a proposed model that included structure/organisation, finance, marketing and quality assurance plan and assessment, a CPD was created.

Results In a theoretical CPD model, yearly direct cost savings from additional services were estimated to be initially 300,000 € (achieved by optimising drug treatments) and start-up costs were assessed to be repaid in 23 months. A CPD, based at the UMCL Pharmacy, was formally established, with an expansion of pharmacy staff (increase from 29 pharmacists in January 2010 to 46 pharmacists in September 2013), provision of additional training and education (3 pharmacists newly specialised, 10 undergoing specialisation programme), stronger information technology support (additional equipment; new computer program for clinical pharmacy work currently under development) and higher level of organisation (regular weekly meetings; individual clinical pharmacy work and prioritisation of tasks currently under assessment). Overall number of tasks and/or information successfully provided by clinical pharmacists on the wards, increased from 3856 to 9059 for the same period (January–September, 2011 vs. 2013, respectively).

Conclusions The establishment of a CPD has been demonstrated to be a feasible and financially justified project.

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