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INT-011 Cost-minimisation analysis of treatment acute phase of Guillain-Barre syndrome
  1. TKR Kecman
  1. Pharmacy Department, Clinical Centre Banja Luka, 12 Beba Bb


Background Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS) reffers to acute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy for which two different treatments methods show equal efficacy: plasmapheresis and high dose of immunoglobulins. Cost minimisation analysis compares expenses of different treatment methods which are assumed or proven to be equally effective.

Purpose The aim of our study was to establish cheaper method of treatment and to identify possible saving mechanisms. Materials and Methods Literature search was performed on efficacy of plasmapheresis and high dose of immunoglobulins in treatment of GBS. Information on treatment procedure was acquired by shadowing physicians during the process, while the calculation of the treatment price per patient was based on the hospital pharmacy data.

Results Depending on the choice of treatment method and the manufacturer of human albumins (HA) and immunoglobulins (IVIG), the cost of treatment per patient is from 4 475 to 8 826. Choosing the cheaper tretment method (plasmapheresis) along with cheaper HA and IVIG results in maximum saving of 4 350 per patient, while decreasing the plasmapheresis cycles number from six to five additional 5 074 could be saved. Possible annual savings for treatment of ten patients with GBS is from 43 500 to 50 740.

Conclusions The treatment method of choice in GBS in the Clinical centre Banja Luka should be plasmapheresis due to significantly lower costs, with assurance that the cheapest manufacturer of HA is chosen. In treatment of other neurological diseases where efficacy of plasmapheresis and high doses of IVIG are shown to be equal lays the opportunity for significant financial savings.

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