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CP-135 Treatment of pneumonia in geriatric patients
  1. P Selvi-Sabater,
  2. AM Rizo-Cerda,
  3. I Sanchez-Martinez,
  4. N Manresa-Ramon,
  5. B Arribas-Diaz,
  6. A Morego-Soler,
  7. A Boso-Ribelles,
  8. MC Sanchez-Mulero,
  9. JC Titos-Arcos,
  10. MM Sanchez-Catalicio
  1. Hospital Morales Meseguer, Pharmacy, Murcia, Spain


Background Pneumonia is one of the most common causes of mortality in geriatric patients. The appropriate antibiotic treatment of this pathology can decreases the mortality rate in the patient group.

Purpose To study the features of the patients with community acquired pneumonia (CAP) and the use of antibiotics in their treatment.

Materials and methods We selected 102 hospitalised patients who met the CAP criteria. Demographics, stay, comorbidities, smoking/drinking habits, microbiological tests performed and empirical antibiotic treatment were collected. Finally, we compared the treatment we found with clinical practice guidelines.

Results Of the 102 patients selected (58.8% men and 41.2% woman) 75 (73.5%) of patients were over 65, and the median age was 70. The average stay was 8.6 days. The most frequent comorbidities in patients with CAP were diabetes in 31 patients (30.4%) and onco-haematology disease in 26 patients (25.5%) follow by respiratory disease in 22 patients (21.6%). The most common empirical treatments were fluoroquinolone monotherapy (36.27%) and fluoroquinolone associated with B-lactam (38.25%). Finally 14 (87.5%) of the 16 who died had at least one comorbidity, and 5 (31.25%) had at least three comorbidities.

Conclusions Patients with CAP included in the study were treated in accordance with clinical guidelines. In patients with comorbidities there is a greater risk of dying.

No conflict of interest.

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