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CP-136 Subjective improvement in patients treated with autologous serum eyedrops
  1. P Selvi-Sabater,
  2. AM Rizo-Cerda,
  3. I Sanchez-Martinez,
  4. N Manresa-Ramon,
  5. MM Sanchez-Catalicio,
  6. JC Titos-Arcos,
  7. I Sanchez-Quiles,
  8. MT Alonso-Dominguez,
  9. I Gorostiza-Frias,
  10. A Espuny-Miro
  1. Hospital Morales Meseguer, Pharmacy, Murcia, Spain


Background Autologous serum eye drop treatment is a common practice in the treatment of several ocular pathologies that require relatively frequent blood draws.

Purpose To study the symptom improvement perceived by patients after treatment with autologous serum 20% and overall satisfaction with such treatment.

Materials and methods Observational, retrospective and descriptive study in eye disease patients (GVHD, dry eye, etc.) with autologous serum 20% eye drops in 2011 and 2012. The information was compiled by the SAVAC and SELENE prescribing systems and reviewing medical records in addition to telephone surveys of patients. Reviewed symptoms were: red eye, dry eye, inflammation, rheum, foreign body, itching/burning, tearing, photophobia, blurred vision and eye heaviness.

Results A total of 15 patients (53% male) with a median age of 58 years were studied, of whom 11 (73%) had red eye, 13 (87%) dry eye, 6 (40%) inflammation, 5 (33%) rheum, 11 (73%) foreign body, 14 (93%) itching/burning, 1 (7%) tearing, 13 (87%), photophobia, 10 (67%), blurred vision, 5 (33%) eye heaviness.

Of patients who experienced these symptoms, 64% of patients with red eye, 46% with dry eye, 50% with inflammation, 80% with rheum, 82% with foreign body, 64% with itching/burning, 15% with photophobia, 50% with blurred vision and 40% with eye heaviness considered they had improved and the tearing-eyed patient did not improve.

Conclusions Symptoms that improved in a greater number of patients were sensation of foreign body, itching/burning eye and red eye. On the other hand, some symptoms such as photophobia, tearing and dry eye improved in only a small number of patients.

Furthermore, 80% of patients said the perceived subjective improvement in symptoms was worthwhile, compared to the discomfort of blood draws.

No conflict of interest.

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