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DD-013 Consumption of antibiotics at Stip Clinical Hospital from January to August 2011 and 2012
  1. B Lazarova1,
  2. L Mihailova1,
  3. M Lazarova2,
  4. E Lozanovska3
  1. 1Clinical Hospital Stip, Hospital Pharmacy, Stip, FYROM
  2. 2Pliva, Marketing Department, Skopje, FYROM
  3. 3Clinical Hospital, Otorinolaryngology, Stip, FYROM


Background The increased use of antibacterial drugs leads to an increase in the level of resistance and complexity of the mechanism of resistance in pathogenic bacteria. The consequences of the use, particularly the misuse, of antimicrobial medicines develop when the microorganism mutates or acquires a resistance gene. The increased use of antimicrobial drugs causes high rates of nosocomial infections, increased morbidity and mortality, rapid development of bacterial resistance to the most potent drugs, increased risk of side effects, high prices, etc.

Purpose To identify the high consumption of antibiotics in the hospital. This will be an indicator of inappropriate use of antibiotics, prescribing habits of physicians as well as variations in the prevalence of infectious between hospital wards.

Materials and methods ATC/DDD classification system which is incorporated in the program “ABC calculations” (version 3.1) as recommended by WHO. It was used to analyse the consumption of antibiotics in the wards of the Public Health Institution Stip Clinical Hospital in the period between January and August 2011 and 2012. The calculated data are shown in the table below.

Abstract DD-013 Table 1

Results The analysis show significant deviation from the optimal use of antibiotics especially third generation of cephalosporins, which is most likely the reason for the increased number of nosocomial infections, rapid development of bacterial resistance and prolonged length of stay. This situation is also having a negative impact on the hospital’s financial situation.

Conclusions We can conclude that our hospital requires rapid intervention to prevent excessive use of antibiotics through the development of policies for regulation and rational use of antibiotics

No conflict of interest.

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