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DI-023 Information about the anticancer chemotherapy process: a film for patients
  1. E Cuvelier1,
  2. P Drancourt1,
  3. C Basselin1,
  4. V Moinard1,
  5. C Gillet2,
  6. E Rad3,
  7. J Gressier1
  1. 1Centre Hospitalier Victor Provo, Pharmacy, Roubaix Cedex 1, France
  2. 2Centre Hospitalier Victor Provo, Communication, Roubaix Cedex 1, France
  3. 3Centre Hospitalier Victor Provo, Oncology, Roubaix Cedex 1, France


Background To determinate patients’ knowledge and expectations of the anticancer chemotherapy process, a survey requested by the Pharmacy was conducted in the Oncology department of our hospital.

This survey showed that 91% of the patients were not aware of the anticancer chemotherapy process and 71% wished to obtain more information about it.

Purpose To provide information about the anticancer chemotherapy process to patients and their families.

Materials and methods The Pharmacy, Oncology and Communication departments decided to make a film. This information medium was approved by the majority of respondent patients.

The scenario drawn up by pharmacists was validated by other departments, and the Communication Service made the film.

Results Two pharmacy interns made a video.

This 6-minute film describes all the stages concerning the anticancer chemotherapy process: patient arrival in the department, validation and prescription of the treatment by the physician (according to the complementary results and the patient’s general state), pharmaceutical validation of the prescription, treatment preparation (in a centralised chemotherapy unit), checking of the preparation, dispensing and administration of the chemotherapy.

The simple explanation of the process makes the film easy for everyone to understand.

The multidisciplinarity nature of the chemotherapy process is highlighted by the many healthcare workers taking part: oncologists, pharmacists and interns, pharmacy technicians, nurses and patients.

Conclusions The film will be offered to oncology patients and available on the hospital’s intranet website.

The patients are looking forward to this tool.

This film will guide the patients through the different stages before the administration of their treatment and will make them feel part of the health care system.

A satisfaction study will be done later to see if it meets patients’ expectations.

No conflict of interest.

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