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CP-026 Efficacy of triple therapy with protease inhibitors for the treatment of hepatitis C virus in clinical practice
  1. P Selvi1,
  2. I Gorostiza-Frias1,
  3. I Sánchez-Martinez1,
  4. AM Rizo-Cerdá1,
  5. N Manresa-Ramón1,
  6. T Alonso-Dominguez1,
  7. M Soria-Soto1,
  8. B Arribas-Díaz1,
  9. JC Titos-Arcos1,
  10. MÁ Arias Moya2
  1. 1Hospital Morales Meseguer, Pharmacy, Murcia, Spain
  2. 2Fundación Jiménez Diaz, Pharmacy, Madrid, Spain


Background Given the large number of new drugs for the treatment of hepatitis C virus (HCV) and the high economic cost, it is important to decide which treatment is best suited to each patient.

Purpose To evaluate the efficacy of triple therapy with protease inhibitors for the treatment of HCV in clinical practice.

Material and methods Two-year retrospective study including all patients treated with triple therapy for HCV.

Parameters analysed were: sex, age, HCV genotype, liver fibrosis, type of patient (pretreated/treatment-naive) HIV co-infection and HCV viral load (VL).

The collected data were obtained by reviewing medical records, and Savac prescription and validation program.

Results A total of 26 patients were included, 19 (73%) men. The median age was 52 years. Regarding genotype, 11 (42%) had genotype 1a and 15 (58%) had genotype 1b. Only four (15%) patients had simultaneously HIV infection. The most common liver fibrosis was grade 3.

After finishing the treatment, 23 patients had undetectable viral load (one of the patients presented detectable viral load at week 4 and two of them at week 12). Twenty-four weeks after the treatment, 22 of them had sustained viral response (SVR). In the table we can see the response rates based on the drug and/or patient characteristics.

Abstract CP-026 Table 1

Conclusion The triple therapy regimen is a highly effective treatment that gets a SVR in most patients.

References and/or Acknowledgements No conflict of interest.

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