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OHP-008 Ability of a spanish pharmacist registrar to carry out the integral management of a pharmacy department
  1. A Fernández-Ferreiro1,
  2. P Suarez-Artime1,
  3. H Mozo-Penalver2,
  4. E Echarri-Arrieta1,
  5. M González-Barcia1,
  6. F Martinez-Bahamonde1,
  7. E Campelo-Sanchez2,
  8. MJ Lamas Díaz1
  1. 1EOXI Santiago de Compostela, Pharmacy, Santiago de Compostela, Spain
  2. 2EOXI Santiago de Compostela, Pharmacy, Ribeira, Spain


Background “Assessment of Registrar Pharmacist Competency in Hospital Pharmacy” was published recently.

Purpose To demonstrate the ability of Spanish pharmacy registrars with the current document “Assessment of Registrar Pharmacist Competency in Hospital Pharmacy (ARCPH)” to carry out the overall management of a Pharmacy Department after completing their training.

Material and methods A Spanish pharmacy registrar (R4) trained according to the Current Teaching Plan (CTP) spends his last training stage in a Pharmacy Service (PS) of a Primary Level Hospital (PLH). He trains in overall management for a month there. R4 pharmacists were offered a questionnaire about the areas of training, similar to those provided in the CT. Once they had finished this rotation, senior pharmacists evaluated every task carried out using a range between 0–3 (minimal rating = 0 points, 3 points maximum rating) according to the ARCPH indications.

Results The R4s were trained in 100% of the areas included in the CTP. In the assessment areas, the following scores were obtained: Evaluation and selection of drugs (2.3), Inventory Management (1.9), masterful formulation (2.8), Validation of the prescribing and dispensing of drugs (2.6), Drug Information and health products (2.4), artificial nutrition (2.1), outpatient pharmaceutical care (2.7), direction and management of PS (1.9). The average overall assessment of the evaluated areas was 2.33, thus reaching a level of training listed as “optimal”.

Conclusion Spanish pharmacist registrars trained according to the CTP are able to train in overall management of the PS in a PLH. This is the first evaluated case based on the recently published document ARCPH.

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