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OHP-021 Impact of hospital pharmacist integration over a general surgery service staff
  1. JJ Arenas Villafranca1,
  2. ME Blanco Rivas1,
  3. V Caparrós Cabezas2,
  4. M Nieto Guindo1,
  5. E Álvaro Sanz1,
  6. B Tortajada Goitia1
  1. 1Hospital Costa Del Sol, Pharmacy and Nutrition, Marbella, Spain
  2. 2ETH Zürich, Computer Sciences, Zürich, Spain


Background Hospital Pharmacist integration in a medical team improve inpatient care and safety.

Purpose We want to study the impact of this physical integration over the General Surgery service staff.

Material and methods During two months a pharmacist worked full-time in the General Surgery Area. To assess pharmacist’s impact over the surgical team, we developed a questionnaire (table 1) qualifying from 1 (less favourable) to 5 (most favourable). The questionnaire was filled out anonymously by the Surgery staff two weeks prior integration (PRE) and after two weeks (POST). The average score was obtained and PRE-POST groups were compared.

Results 28 questionnaires were collected: 5 nurses’ aides, 9 nurses, 14 surgeons. The results are shown in Table 1.

Abstract OHP-021 Table 1

Conclusion While the prior pharmacist’s assessments were high, the visibility and its presence resulted in a significant improvement in the perception of the pharmacist figure, both globally and in specific aspects such as patient safety, the importance of treatments’ review and work-time employed perception.

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No conflict of interest.

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