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CP-129 Analysis of the impact on the rates of nosocomial infection (NI) after the implantation of a fast track (FT) protocol in elective colon surgery
  1. B Jaione,
  2. F Carmen
  1. Hospital San Eloy, Pharmacy, Barakaldo, Spain


Background The incidence of NI in colon surgery in our hospital in 2012 was a 27.3% so it was decided to introduce a FT protocol in order to reduce that incidence and to establish new guidelines of antibiotic prevention and new recommendations for the use of venous central catheters.

Purpose To analyse and to compare information of NI and data about the fulfilment of antibiotic prevention, the use of venous central catheters, parenteral nutrition (PN) prescription as well as the pharmaceutical expense before and after the implantation of a FT protocol in such procedures of elective colon surgery.

Material and methods Retrospective review of the clinical histories of patients who undergo elective colon surgery between Oct-13 and Jul-14 in order to get the data for the analysis. The pharmaceutical expense is compared in the above mentioned period opposite to the expense in the same period of the previous year. Out of 58 procedures of colon surgery carried out, 28 were patients included in the FT programme.

Results The overall rate of NI in colon surgery during the analysed period is 22.4% whereas the rate of infection in the FT group is 10.7%.

The inadequate antibiotic prevention has diminished from 26% to 14.3% (FT group).

The number of patients with venous central catheters has diminished from 57% to 25%.

The number of patients with PN has diminished from 29% to 14.3% and also the number of days of patients treated with PN has diminished from 6 to 4.5 days.

The overall pharmaceutical expense for these patients has also diminished a 12.4%.

Conclusion FT program has considerably reduced nosocomial infection data associated with this surgery and the inappropriate use of anti-infectives, which has affected the spending.

References and/or Acknowledgements No conflict of interest.

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