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DI-026 Impact of a targeted policy on intravenous oxycodone and morphine consumption
  1. B Laluque1,
  2. S Pelegrin1,
  3. P Guyot1,
  4. S Pfalzgraf1,
  5. B Cosserant2,
  6. I Gremeau1,
  7. V Sautou1
  1. 1CHU de Clermont Ferrand – Hopital Gabriel Montpied, Pharmacie Centrale, Clermont-Ferrand, France
  2. 2CHU de Clermont Ferrand – Hopital Gabriel Montpied, Réanimation Chirurgie Cardio-Vasculaire, Clermont-Ferrand, France


Background By analysing clinical units consumed, an increase in the consumption of IV oxycodone (+50%) instead of injectable morphine (-50%) between 2008 and 2013 was noted. However, the cost/benefit ratio of IV oxycodone compared to morphine is not favourable (ratio 10 times higher for oxycodone). The Committee for the Fight against Pain (CLUD) and the Medicines Commission (COMEDIMS) initiated targeted actions and specific recommendations on the proper use of these agents; these recommendations were relayed by our Hospital Medical Committee (CME).

Purpose To assess the medical and financial impact of recommendations issued by the CLUD and COMEDIMS.

Material and methods The recommendations focus on the use of morphine as first line treatment including postoperative, ICU and palliative care. Stock issued to clinical unit was changed, replacing IV oxycodone with IV morphine.

The quantities and costs of oxycodone and morphine consumed (oral and injection) were analysed six months after the action and compared to the same period before the action.

Results The results show a 38% decrease in quantity (-267 g) and 39% in cost (€22,050) of IV oxycodone consumption, with a carryover to the oral oxycodone (+30% in volume, +63 g, +28%/€1,490 cost increase) and morphine IV (+19% in volume, +52 g, 20%/€670 cost increase).

Overall consumption of strong opioids (oral and IV) decreased by 8.5% in quantity (-92 g) and 30% in cost (€20,170).

Conclusion Our policy has been effective with an overall cost reduction of 30% (€20,170) in six months. It is being maintained and extended to oral forms based on the results obtained.

References and/or acknowledgements No conflict of interest.

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