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GM-010 Economic impact of the revision of the pharmacotherapeutic guide in a private hospital
  1. E Márquez-Fernández1,
  2. E Sánchez-Yañez2,
  3. C Lara-Ramos2,
  4. JM Fernández-Ovies2
  1. 1Hospital Quirón Marbella, Pharmacy, Marbella, Spain
  2. 2Hospital Virgen de La Victoria, Pharmacy, Malaga, Spain


Background According to the World Health Organisation, selection of drugs is a participatory, ongoing and multidisciplinary process which should be based on efficiency, security, quality and cost of the drugs to ensure rational use of them.

As the result of the selection process of medicines, some tools have been developed in specialised areas that are essential. These are called pharmacotherapeutics guides (PG) and show the political use of medicines in medical environments, such as hospitals.

The PG is a dynamic and consensual reflection of the centre’s pharmacotherapeutic culture.

Purpose To evaluate the economic impact of revision of the PG in a private hospital with 80 beds.

Material and methods A review was conducted by the pharmacy and therapeutics committee of the drugs (PTCD) available in the hospital based on criteria of effectiveness, safety and cost.

After reviewing the PG, the inventory data and drug purchases were analysed between October 2014 (a month before the edition of the guide) and August 2015.

Results The PCTD, composed of a multidisciplinary team of 8 doctors of various specialties and a hospital pharmacist, met on 6 occasions.

The initial number was 1304 pharmaceutical specialties. After reviewing the therapeutic arsenal, it was reduced to 925 drugs.

Coverage ratio=inventory/purchases x 30 days

Abstract GM-010 Table 1

Conclusion This review has shown the economic impact, reducing the cost of the inventory and the coverage ratio. The increase in purchases in June and August responds to a higher activity in the centre in the summer months, as it is located in a holiday destination area.

A review of the PG provides an opportunity to give visibility to the pharmacy department in the hospital and initiate relationships for new joint projects.

Further studies will be performed, as an impact in terms of quality of care and patient safety is also expected.

References and/or Acknowledgements Pharmacy and therapeutics committee of the drugs committee, Hospital Quirón Marbella.

No conflict of interest.

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