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INT-008 Hospital hygiene programme with pharmacist engagement-encompass environmental monitoring program
  1. Raih D. Csontos
  1. Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Hospital and Clinic, Institute Pharmacy


Background Nosocomial infections is both public health problem and financial question as the hospital’s management is bear to the charges of the applied medicines, interventions and the increased average time nursing. If the multidrug-resistant organism causes the infection, the charges are multiplied. Purpose If the cleaning methods are inaccurate the pathogens are able to survive in the surrounding of the patient. Therefore keeping clean the patient touched surface is primary importance. The Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Hospital and Clinics started a hospital hygiene monitoring program in the interest of preventing and reducing nosocomial infections and increasing patient safety.

Material and methods The measurement and evaluation (thoroughness of disinfection cleaning on critical surfaces) was in progress in EnCompass™ Environmental Monitoring System. In our hospital every step of the monitoring process carried out with pharmacist engagement. We used DAZO® Fluorescent marking gel on the high touched surfaces in the patient rooms and the patient bathrooms on 4 department of hospital. After the grace period the HTOs was checked with UV lamp. If the fluorescent mark remained visible the cleaning outcome was not adequate. The data collection and record was done on iPod (platform). In addition there is an online reporting portal, which suitable for individual reporting.

Results The pilot study happened during November and December 2014 on the following departments: Otorhinolaryngology, Internal Medicine, Intensive Care Unit and Surgery. Altogether 652 marking was done and the cleaning outcome was adequate in the case of 350 occasions. The cleaning results were 41,6% (72/173) on the Otorhinolaryngology, 31,4% (89/283) on the Internal Medicine, 78,5% (51/65) on the Intensive Care Unit and 42,3% (138/326) on the Surgery. The results are reviewed and evaluated on every HTOs and departments.

Conclusion Real-time, online cleanliness reports help to drive continuous improvement, because the nursing and cleaning stuff receives regular feedback of effectiveness of their cleaning and desinfection procedure. The goals are to reduce the risk of emergence and spread of multi-resistant pathogens, and to reduce related antibiotic use.

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