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OHP-001 Health related quality of life and its associated factors among south asian and middle eastern patients with chronic diseases in the UK
  1. F Alhomoud1,
  2. Z Aslanpour2,
  3. S Dhillon3,
  4. F Smith4
  1. 1University of Dammam, School of Clinical Pharmacy, Dammam, Saudi Arabia
  2. 2University of Hertfordshire, Pharmacy, Hatfield, UK
  3. 3University of Hertfordshire, School of Life and Medical Sciences, Hatfield, UK
  4. 4University College London, School of Pharmacy, London, UK


Background The ethnic minority groups (EMGs) in general have a higher than average prevalence of chronic diseases.1 People from different cultural backgrounds may experience language barriers, demonstrate different needs and expectations which may affect their ability to use their medicines and access services effectively.1 This may lead to poor chronic disease management and health outcomes.

Purpose To assess the quality of life (QoL) among South Asian (SA) and Middle Eastern (ME) patients and to investigate factors associated with lower EuroQol 5-dimension (EQ-5D) visual analogue scale (VAS).

Material and methods A cross sectional survey study was conducted with a purposive sample of 80 participants. Patients were from SA and ME origins, aged over 18 years and prescribed three or more regular medicines. Patients were identified when presenting with a prescription. The EQ-5D-3L questionnaire was administered to participants in 7 pharmacies in London. Statistical analysis was used to investigate factors associated with lower EQ-5D VAS, such as patient characteristics, healthcare of participants, number and type of prescription and non-prescription medicines used by respondents. Data were entered and analysed using the Software Package for Statistical Analysis (SPSS) 21.

Conclusion The results add to the volume of knowledge regarding the health status of SA and ME patient. Medical, policy and individual attention should be given to the management of chronic diseases and improvement of QoL in EMGs.

References and/or Acknowledgements

  1. Alhomoud F, Dhillon S, Aslanpour Z, Smith F. Medicine use and medicine-related problems experienced by ethnic minority patients in the United Kingdom: A review. Int J Pharm Pract 2013;21:277-87

References and/or AcknowledgementsNo conflict of interest.

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