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PP-045 Evaluation of compounding quality of intravenous admixtures
  1. A Tomás Luiz,
  2. C Pellicer Franco,
  3. MDM Ruiz Jimenez,
  4. M Almanchel Rivadeneyra,
  5. J Mateo Carmona,
  6. MA de La Rubia Nieto
  1. Hospital Clinico Universitario Virgen de La Arrixaca, Pharmacy, Murcia, Spain


Background According to guides, it is necessary to ensure the compounding quality of intravenous admixtures in the pharmacy service.

Purpose To evaluate the compounding quality of intravenous admixtures.

Material and methods A retrospective observational study from 1 to 15 of August 2015. Every ‘checklist’ done by technicians was reviewed. The following standard errors and their severity were established: drug/concentration missed or wrong (low gravity), total/mL dose error (high gravity), mismatch between real and theoretical surplus mL (high gravity), batch and expiration date missed (high gravity), checklist specification missed (moderate severity) and signature of the technician who prepares and checks missed (low gravity).

Results 215 sterile intravenous admixtures (100%) were prepared and checked. 20.47% of checklists were poorly completed. The following errors were detected: 17 (7.9%) drug/concentration missed or wrong, 26 (12.09%) total/mL dose error, 26 (12.09%) mismatch between real and theoretical surplus mL, 1 (0.47%) batch and expiration date missed. 20% of errors were done by the technicians who elaborated the sterile intravenous preparations and 12.56% by the technicians who did the checks. The severity of the errors was: 24.65% high and 7.9% low.

Conclusion The quality of 20.47% of preparations was not followed and the causes of poor filling should be reviewed and steps taken to improve the indicator obtained; training sessions for technicians are planned about sterile areas and more detailed training into the correct elaboration and preparation of quality control sterile intravenous admixtures. Also, periodic staff evaluation to accredit them will be established.

No conflict of interest.

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