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CP-166 Quality perceived by the patients of a pharmaceutical care consultation and steps taken to improve it
  1. C Capilla,
  2. B Iglesias,
  3. S Buendia,
  4. P Arrabal,
  5. T Cruz
  1. Hospital Universitario Del Sureste, Pharmacy, Madrid, Spain


Background The level of patient satisfaction with regards to healthcare received is increasingly being taken into account by health system managers. Accordingly, a major transformation in pharmacy consultations has occurred in order to be closer to the patients who come to the hospital pharmacy to pick up their medication.

Purpose To determine patient satisfaction at a pharmacy consultation and to propose actions to improve the service on the basis of the results obtained.

Material and methods We carried out an anonymous self-administered survey. The margin of error was 6% and the level of confidence was 95%. It was validated by the local Health Quality Authority and delivered by hand by a simple random sampling system at the time of dispensing. The questionnaires were collected from January 2015 until we achieved the sample size. This was an initiative aimed at improving quality, and data were collected routinely so ethics committee approval was considered unnecessary.

Results 194 surveys were collected. With regard to the facilities, 74–88% of patients declared themselves satisfied or very satisfied with comfort, the system of consultation signalling, confidentiality and attention time. The patients surveyed gave higher ratings (89–93%) of satisfaction for having an appointment to be attended and cleaning, while the percentage was lower (64%) for questions about opening hours. In terms of treatment received, friendliness, efficiency and professionalism of staff, the percentage exceeded 90% in all cases. Overall, satisfied patients exceeded 87%. Almost 15% made some comments, 41% about opening hours and 31% reaffirming content; the remaining 28% were miscellaneous.

Conclusion Overall, patients were satisfied or very satisfied with the pharmaceutical care consultation. The aspects less valued were related to opening hours, comfort and signalling of the consultation, confidentiality at the moment of drug dispensing and time to receive the appointment in the pharmacy. As points of improvement, opening hours were extended, signage was increased with posters and we have begun to give appointments exclusively from pharmacy to reduce the delay time. We will need to repeat the survey to know the impact of the measures taken.

No conflict of interest.

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