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EAHP News March 2017
  1. Stephanie Kohl
  1. UK
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European statements of hospital pharmacy—moving from statement to implementation

The Statement implementation project began with the adoption of the European Statements of Hospital Pharmacy in May 2014 and has reached another milestone.

During the 22nd congress of EAHP, Joan Peppard, the EAHP President officially launched the Statements website. It is an addition to the EAHP website that offers an overview of why the European Statements of Hospital Pharmacy are so important.

The Statements website provides stakeholders—such as hospital pharmacists, patients, policy makers, healthcare practitioners, academics or our many partners in industry—with access to a variety of different resources which should help individual hospitals throughout Europe with the implementation of the Statements. These resources include an evidence base for each of the Statements and are complemented by general material aimed at assisting EAHP’s member associations with implementation.

And there is still more to come. At the moment, EAHP is working on an online self-assessment tool that will allow hospital pharmacists to assess the level of Statement implementation within their countries. Such a tool was first developed for the …

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