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OHP-001 Hospital pharmacy technicians in france and quebec: differences in training and practice
  1. C Roland1,
  2. A Guerin2,
  3. P Vaconsin3,
  4. JF Bussieres1
  1. 1Sainte Justine Hospital, Pharmacy, Montreal, Canada
  2. 2Birmingham Children’s Hospital, Pharmacy, Birmingham, UK
  3. 3National Agency of Drug Safety and Health Products, Drug Safety and Health Products, Paris, France


Background Different studies conclude that pharmaceutical care and clinical pharmacy are more advanced in Quebec than in France. Are there any differences between the training and practice of hospital pharmacy technicians in France and Quebec?

Purpose The main objective was to describe and compare the training of hospital pharmacy technicians in France and Quebec. The secondary objective was to describe and compare the activity of hospital pharmacy technicians in France and Quebec.

Material and methods This was a descriptive comparative study. A list of relevant themes was established by consensus after a review of key websites and literature. A panel of a French hospital pharmacy resident, a French hospital pharmacist, a French pharmacy technician and 1 Quebec teaching hospital pharmacist was organised. Similarities and differences for each theme were identified and discussed.

Results 35 themes were selected (ie, 25 themes related to training and 10 to hospital pharmacy practice) with 5 similarities and 30 differences between France and Quebec. In both countries, training programmes are established by the Ministry of Education and the pharmacy technicians contribute to the drug supply chain activities, from procurement to compounding and dispensation. Among the differences identified, there was a mandatory specific diploma in France, French training lasts 3 years versus 1 year in Quebec, French annual scholar fees are lower (€0/year vs €195 minimum per year in Quebec), knowledge was more fundamental in France and there was compulsory continuing education in France. Among the activities, differences identified were staff per department were lower in France, there was some management of specific activities in France (eg, medical devices, sterilisation), more activities to support clinical pharmacists in Quebec and delegation of tasks in Quebec was regulated.

Conclusion This comparative descriptive study highlighted more differences regarding training and more similarities regarding activities of hospital pharmacy technicians between France and Quebec. A better understanding of theses similitudes and differences may contribute to reciprocal improvement of these programmes and favour exchanges between the two countries.

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