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PP-045 Survey on parenteral nutrition preparation in hospital pharmacies
  1. CA Collins,
  2. I Krämer
  1. University Medical Centre Mainz, Pharmacy, Mainz, Germany


Background The aseptic preparation of parenteral nutrition (PN) admixtures is a process which is being implemented in many hospital pharmacies throughout Europe. The prescribing, checking and compounding of PN is critical and can be prone to errors if not carefully planned and monitored.

Purpose To identify critical issues in the prescribing and preparation process of PN admixtures in hospital pharmacies, a national survey on current practices was conducted. Based on the results, standardisation of the preparation methods and products will be initiated.

Material and methods To identify the PN preparation characteristics, an online survey was designed using Limesurvey consisting of multiple choice and free text questions. It focused on the current practices of PN compounding, use of specific products and opinions of the participants on their automated compounding devices and prescribing software. After review by a multidisciplinary team, the survey was sent via email to hospital pharmacists through the mailing list of the national association of hospital pharmacists. It was requested that only one reply be sent from each hospital pharmacy which prepares PN admixtures. The analysis was conducted with Excel software.

Results 85 completed surveys were received. Approximately 40% of the pharmacies prepared between 100 and 500 PN products monthly. 72% of the pharmacies prepared the PN with an automated compounding device. Approximately 70% still relied on fax transmission to receive PN prescriptions. The resulting database on the type of automation and electronic documentation used by the individual hospital pharmacies allowed the facilitation of a direct information exchange between users and also newcomers.

Conclusion The national survey provides an overview of the status quo of PN preparation and shows the necessity for a focus group to create standards in order to jointly optimise the process.

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