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PP-056 Application of a test using fluoresceine to the qualification and continuing professional development of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians authorised to prepare chemotherapies
  1. AL Provent1,
  2. R Marie1,
  3. D Marjorie1,
  4. F Isabelle1,
  5. F Luc2,
  6. A Lemoigne1
  1. 1Pharmacy, Unit of Preparation of Chemotherapy, Grenoble, France
  2. 2Pharmacy, Pharmacy, Grenoble, France


Background The preparation of chemotherapies is a sensible operation and technicians must be trained as recommended in international guidelines. In this perspective, an assessment of the manipulation skills was proposed to the whole staff authorised to prepare chemotherapies in a teaching hospital.

Purpose The aim of the study was to evaluate and qualify the staff, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.

Material and methods A manipulation test using a solution of fluorescein was performed with the whole staff. It included the production of 3 preparations: a syringe with a stopcock and a connector, a syringe for an intrathecal injection and a preparation in an infusion bag. 3 items were assessed: contamination of the environment, manipulation skills and general behaviour (dressing and hand cleaning).

Results 32 persons performed the test. 3 persons failed, not obtaining the minimal score required for one or several steps. The general behaviour in the unit was excellent for all (score 3/3). But the test allowed identification of steps or technical operations whose performance was not optimal. For example, for the preparation of a syringe, 31.3% of people did not connect the stopcock as required, and 15.6% did not correctly homogenise the preparation. Environment contamination was weak, with contamination of gloves found for only 1 person. However, contamination of the compresses used was higher, varying from 15.6% to 28% according to the type of preparation. Global and individual results of the test were discussed with the staff and a complementary formation was proposed to persons who failed the test.

Conclusion This internal programme was included in a quality approach of the activity of preparation of chemotherapies. It allowed evaluation of the manipulation skills of the staff, involving the staff in a process of continuing professional development. Moreover, technical steps, for which some additional training was needed, were identified. Finally, and after additional training where needed, renewal of preparation authorisations were given to the whole staff. At the end of their validity, 1 year, another evaluation will be performed.

References and/or acknowledgements FIP statement of professional standards: continuing professional development, Nice, September 2012.

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