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Applying lean methodology to improve parenteral chemotherapy and monoclonal antibody documentation processes based on Normalisation Process Theory


Objective To determine the impact of lean thinking on the original time required to prepare the necessary documentation in relation to the preparation of parenteral chemotherapy/monoclonal antibodies.

Method Four pharmacists and one pharmacy technician from the oncology hospital (Malta) all participated in eight focus groups linked to the different constructs of Normalisation Process Theory (NPT): coherence, cognitive participation, collective action and reflexive monitoring. The value stream documentation process was mapped by analysing all steps in the process where each activity must add value for the patient; tools of lean thinking were applied. Points causing delay in processing were considered critical; possible changes to minimise time waste were discussed and implemented. Time spent on critical points was measured by timing in minutes each step of the process 1 month before and after the changes had been implemented and calculating the mean±SD. An audit was performed comparing the process with standard operating procedures to determine whether any steps required quality improvement.

Results Three critical points were identified: time required to search for pharmacy patient medication records for chemotherapy/monoclonal antibodies required on the day; time to generate preparation labels; and time to generate worksheets. Overall, a total of 122±8.6 min (p=0.06) were saved per day, a 37% decrease from the original documentation time. Five deficiencies were identified in the documentation process audit; corrective action was proposed.

Conclusions By applying lean thinking, non-value-added steps leading to time waste in the documentation process were eliminated. This concept could be implemented by using NPT as part of a strategic system to reduce waste.

  • Documentation process
  • Focus groups
  • Lean thinking
  • Normalisation process theory
  • Reconstitution processes
  • Malta

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