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4CPS-207 Efficacy of pharmacist intervention and health education in asthma control
  1. YN Hsu,
  2. CL Fang,
  3. YJ Lou,
  4. LC Chen
  1. Taipei City Hospital, Pharmacy, Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C


Background Achievement and maintenance of a good asthma control is essential in chronic asthma patients. However, asthma control is suboptimal in many patients due to poor adherence and/or improper use of asthma medications.

Purpose The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of pharmacist intervention in asthma control in adult patients.

Material and methods This study included outpatients at a teaching hospital diagnosed with insufficiently controlled asthma and who were using at least one controller inhaler. Patients received pharmacist interventions for 3 months. The primary outcome was the level of asthma control, and the secondary outcomes were the correct percentage of inhaler-using skills, knowledge of asthma and asthma medicine, and medication adherence.

Results A total of 24 patients completed the study. The mean Asthma Control Test (ACT®) score (p=0.0001), knowledge of asthma (p=0.0001), inhaler technique (p=0.034) and Peak Expiratory Flow Rate (PEFR) measurements (p<0.050) were significantly improved after the intervention. In addition, good adherent patients had larger ACT score increments as compared with poor adherent patients.

Conclusion Our programme substantially improved inhalation technique, cognition of asthma control and medication adherence in the patients. The results suggest that the participation of pharmacists in the healthcare team has a positive effect on asthma control in adult asthma patients.

References and/or Acknowledgements Acknowledge all the pharmacists providing pharmaceutical intervention and education in the study

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