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2SPD-011 Lead-time for delivery of chemotherapies at day hospital: difficulties of a chemotherapy compounding unit with two day hospitals on two sites
  1. C Levenbruck1,
  2. F Badibouidi1,
  3. AS Marie1,
  4. E Carola2,
  5. C Gousseau2,
  6. C Verbrigghe1
  1. 1Groupe Hospitalier Public Sud de L’oise, Pharmacy, Creil, France
  2. 2Groupe Hospitalier Public Sud de L’oise, Oncology, Creil, France


Background Our hospital has two sites that are separated by 12 km, with a day hospital at each location. The production of injectable anti-cancer drugs is centralised at a single location.

Purpose The objective of our work was to evaluate the lead-time for delivery of injectable chemotherapies to the day hospitals of our centre. We also compared this lead-time to the recommendations of the learned society.

Material and methods A prospective study was conducted on the chemotherapies’ circuit for one month. From the CHIMIO software, the timetables of the various stages of the circuit have been extracted: medical validation, pharmaceutical validation and delivery. For protocols comprising several specialties, only data concerning the first specialty were taken into account. For the transport in the services, the dispensing pharmacist notifies the time of departure. Upon delivery to the day hospital, the steed notifies the time of delivery. Data was processed in an Excel file to calculate and analyse the lead-time.

Results Seven hundred and seventy-four units were prepared during the study period. The pharmacy delay (from ok chemo to release) is on average 1 hour 11 min. The overall delay (from ok chemo to delivery in services) is on average 1 hour 18 min for the first site and 2 hours 11 min for the second site. The transport time between the preparation unit and the day hospital of the first site is on average 7 min, whereas it is 30 min for the second site. The waiting time between two deliveries for the second site is on average 1 hour. The frequency of delivery to the day hospital of the first site is an average of six, and three for the second site.

Conclusion The lead-times for delivery of chemotherapies at the day hospital of the first location are acceptable compared to the recommendations of the learned society. However, these lead-times are high for the second site. We proposed that patients were provided with an information leaflet about the different steps of the anti-cancer drugs preparation. Every stage is detailed, which allows the provision of information regarding the waiting time. Other proposals were considered, such as anticipated preparations.

Reference and/or Acknowledgements 1. Recommendations of SFPO2012.

No conflict of interest

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