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2SPD-013 Economic impact of biosimilar infliximab use
  1. C García-Fernandez1,
  2. S Ruiz-Fuentes2,
  3. S Belda-Rustarazo1,
  4. C Gómez-Peña1,
  5. R Morón-Romero1,
  6. P Gómez-Nieto1
  1. 1Complejo Hospitalario Universitario Granada, Pharmacy, Granada, Spain
  2. 2Hospital de la Axarquía, Pharmacy, Granada, Spain


Background The prescriptions of biologics are increasing as new indications and drugs are authorised. Since biosimilar drugs were introduced in the pharmaceutical market, they have become an alternative to continuing with the demand at competitive costs.

Purpose To analyse the economic impact from incorporating the biosimilar infliximab in the hospital pharmacotherapeutic guide.

Material and methods Retrospective observational study in a third-level hospital. The study period is September 2016 to May 2017. The data are obtained for the preparation and dispensing of an intravenous mixtures program. The selected patients were all those treated with infliximab biosimilar since its incorporation into the pharmacotherapeutic guide of the hospital. The studied variable is the savings derived when using the biosimilar drug compared to the original drug.

Results The study included 76 patients from different medical services: digestive, rheumatology, dermatology and systemic diseases. A total of 201 administrations of infliximab biosimilar were performed in the 8 month study period and 749 drug vials were used. The price of the biosimilar drug vial is €336, whereas the original drug cost is €418.29, the economic saving produced in the administration of infliximab biosimilar in 8 months being €61 635.

Conclusion The biosimilar drugs market is increasing, which leads us to conduct studies in daily clinical practice, both in terms of efficacy and safety as well as economic savings. In the study carried out in our pharmacy service, an economic advantage of the biosimilar drug versus the original drug is clearly demonstrated. It is important to find efficient treatments for the public health system.

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