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5PSQ-072 Tolerance profile of platinum salts in anticancer chemotherapy: a prospective study
  1. M Alami Chentoufi1,
  2. M Benabbes1,
  3. S Bennis2,
  4. B Meddah2
  1. 1Hospital Centre Ibn Sina, Rabat, Morroco
  2. 2Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, Mohammed V University, Rabat, Morocco


Background Cisplatin, carboplatin and oxaliplatin are three major platinum salts used for intravenous chemotherapy. However, their efficacy is accompanied by different toxicities.

Purpose The aim of our study is to identify adverse drug reactions of platimum salts.

Material and methods An observational prospective analysis was conducted between March 2014 and September 2015 in the oncology sector of a central hospital. Data were collected and analysed using Excel 2013. We collaborated with the National Centre of Pharmacovigilance for fresh imputability analysis.

Results The study included 70 patients, the average age was 52 years and the sex ratio (F/M) was 0.41. The most frequent cancers were colorectal cancer (46% of patients) and cervical cancer (18%). Oxaliplatin was the most commonly reported molecule (45%).

During 18 months of study, we collected 222 adverse drug reactions with sensory and neurosensory toxicities (26% and 21%, respectively).

Peripheral neuropathy, digestive intolerance and haematological toxicities were attributed to platinum salts with an I2B4 score.

Conclusion Platinum salts cause several complications, especially neurosensory toxicities. The pharmacist has an important role in monitoring post-chemotherapy, which avoids and prevents many adverse events.

Reference and/or Acknowledgements 1. Jean-Pasto MJ. Hypersensitivity to platinum salts: pharmacovigilance, pulmonology. Revue des Maladies RespiratoiresNovember 2006;23(5):487–488.

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